Greenland Crossing May 2009

Four teachers have been selected to be part of the Fuchs Foundation teachers’ expedition to the Arctic Circle in May 2009. The Fuchs Foundation is a charitable trust set up in the memory of the pioneering explorer Vivian Fuchs. The trust facilitates expeditions to Polar Regions to encourage teachers to engage in scientific field work with the intention of inspiring young people. The 5 week expedition in May 2009 is to be based around the high arctic snow fields of Greenland. We will complete a crossing of the Greenland icecap on skis and will be supported by a team of dogs. The expedition will leave on the 29th of April and return on June 12th 2009. The main body of the journey is from Ammassalik (65.36N 37.38W) on the east coast of Greenland and finishing at Kangerlussuaq (67.01N 50.72W) on the west coast.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

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3-5-09 Ammasialiq Greenland

The day began with more sorting of equipment. Tents were fettled, flasks insulated and food counted 50 bags of  5000 calories. Dehydrated meals, chocolate and haribo. After lunch we took our skis down to the frozen sea for a quick blast in this stunning place. We headed towards a group of locals fishing through the ice. One of the group was a local policeman who told us that the sea was 200m deep in this sport, he also wish used well for the challenging journey. He pointed us towards some polar bear tracks, apparently a bear had been through this area and chased a local getting within 6 m of him! This explains the screaming and shouting that Carolyn had heard. Tuesday up to the ice cap and the journey truly begins.

4-5-09 Carl left for the icecap today to get the dog teams sorted, the rest of us went to the local school to meet some year 8 and 9 pupils. The kids were great and it provided an interesting insight  into the local community. Later we will pack are final bits and take the helicopter to meet Carl and dogs up on the icecap. Happy birthday Mum.



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