Greenland Crossing May 2009

Four teachers have been selected to be part of the Fuchs Foundation teachers’ expedition to the Arctic Circle in May 2009. The Fuchs Foundation is a charitable trust set up in the memory of the pioneering explorer Vivian Fuchs. The trust facilitates expeditions to Polar Regions to encourage teachers to engage in scientific field work with the intention of inspiring young people. The 5 week expedition in May 2009 is to be based around the high arctic snow fields of Greenland. We will complete a crossing of the Greenland icecap on skis and will be supported by a team of dogs. The expedition will leave on the 29th of April and return on June 12th 2009. The main body of the journey is from Ammassalik (65.36N 37.38W) on the east coast of Greenland and finishing at Kangerlussuaq (67.01N 50.72W) on the west coast.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Dye 2

After being stuck in a storm for two days and confined to our tents (apart from digging them out every 4 hours), we finally pushed on across the ice cap. Two days of pushing the dogs hard meant we made good progress; I have even been referred to as the Dog Master partly due to me wearing Ullric’s boots day (the true Dog Master). Today we reached Dye 2 the derelict cold-war US early warning station. We went inside, a truly spooky experience, full of abandoned equipment and artefacts. We have about four days of hard work left to our final destination and all is well. Hope you all have a good half-term, particularly Deb, Emma and Charlotte. Dan X


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